Oksana Danziger


Oksana Danziger is a natural born creator with a passion for textile art. She works as a freelance textile artist for numerous studios - including Printfolio, Design Works International and Group Four. Oksana also teaches at Art League of Long Island and conducts workshops in schools through the Huntington Arts Council. She taught in the surface design department at The Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) as an adjunct professor.
Born in Moscow, Russia where she also received a classical art education from the Moscow School of Art, Oksana continued to study textile design at the Moscow State Textile University where she received a Master's Degree in 1986. Following graduation, she exhibited tapestry, silk paintings and fabric fine art collages throughout Russia's galleries and museums. She completed several residencies, including one in Torino, Italy. 
In 1991, Oksana moved to New York City where she lives and works today. She's sold collections of her silk scarves at Henri Bendel in Manhattan and had a solo exhibition of silk paintings in Gallery One in Soho, New York. She regularly exhibits her work at the Art League of Long Island and Long Island Craft Guild.
In her spare time, Oksana is a certified yoga instructor and practitioner, teaching classes at local libraries and studios. She is a huge believer in meditation, aiming to fuse her art instruction with mindfulness practice. 

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